Case: Naava – freshest meetings of the week

Significant growth in sales

”The number of encounters has increased significantly. The order log has also grown and we have been able to talk to the management of large companies. So far, about every other meeting has led to a request for a quote. The quotes relating to meetings booked by Trainers’ House have been 10% higher on average than all quotes in 2017 on average. Of the quotes submitted in 2017, approximately one in two have led to closing a deal. So, sales have gone in a positive direction,” says Naava’s former sales and marketing director Aslak De Silva.

Four thanks for the cooperation:

1. Contact:

the weekly reporting of Trainers’ House on the progress of work. The reports contain valuable market information for the sales management.”

2. Opening a new target group:

”We have a strong marketing machine and also book appointments via inbound contacts. However, there are lots of potential companies in Finland, and we have not been able to get to meet the management of large listed companies, for example, with our own efforts. The cooperation accelerates the process and ensures access.

3. Continuous development:

”We like the fact that the cooperation is interactive. We are in active contact with the team and develop and polish the operations together.

4. Genuine interest:

“We feel that we are appreciated and there is interest in us as a client. We appreciate the regular feedback collection of Trainers’ House”, De Silva says.